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Develop your online business to get results:

“I have a special passion for assisting small business start-ups and executing digital projects with fresh ideas.” ~ Chip Souza

We use many digital tools in order to match your marketing objectives to your business goals. Taxi digital marketing






facebook ad management and consulting from taxi digital marketing


How far do you want to go? 

1. A Ride Across Town

You are a small business owner that wants to focus on your business at hand without worrying about managing your website, keeping it secure, and running all of your social media or digital advertising at the same time. A part-time digital marketing manager is just what you need.

2. A Drive in the Fast Lane

Your company needs a 30/60/90 day digital marketing campaign initiative, and in order to save time and money, you need to outsource your digital services. This might include a website rebuild, or brand re-fresh. Since a more complex campaign is what you need, this is you're package.

3. Take Me To The Airport

You have a need for speed, so this is the service level you're looking for. You are a media buyer and you need to outsource some additional resources for the execution of your digital marketing budget. This package is here because you require a fleet of taxi cabs to deliver results.