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Your Sales Funnel is Actually an Upside Down Pyramid

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I am so sick of the Sales Funnel this, and the Marketing Funnel that.. you know what? We all sound like morons talking about funnels, and conversions, and click throughs, etc. that we got lost in the techno babble speak of the Direct Digital Marketer, and forgot what we are really speaking about: It’s about the Customer Path, or the Customer Pathway…basically a Sales Funnel is a Customer Journey.  That’s all there is to it. 

And I know what you are thinking: “Along with telling me how to build a sales funnel, can’t you just tell me how to build my business on the internet, and just keep it simple?”


A recent google search for ‘Sales Funnels” reveals many colorful examples

Here’s the Science behind some of these funnels and the stages within the sales cycle, or better known as the customer journey, inside these funnels:

The A I D A funnel

This system shows the customer’s internal decision making passing through an awareness of the product, an interest in the product, a desire for the product, and finally, a call to action.

The A K L P C P funnel

This is where the sales motion gets a little more complicated.  The AKLPCP system divides the customer’s mindset into six individual stages of readiness to buy:  awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase.

The C D R C F C E S funnel

The buying process in the customer’s mind brings them from change, to discontent, to research, comparison, then fear, commitment, expectations, and finally satisfaction.

Wait a minute! 

Aren’t we getting a little complicated here?  Yes, we thought so!  All of this stuff may be great science, but what is going to help you as a business owner in a more practical, day to day manner? 


Let’s say you are a business owner and all you want to do is reach the right people, have a cool website, have a great internet presence, and make a sale. These ‘sales funnels’ that every marketer is talking about can drive a small business owner crazy. Don’t tell me how to build a clock, just tell me what time it is, right?


Well, flip that Sales Funnel upside down!


Check out the Pyramid:




This mini webinar/slide show talks about the building blocks of a business Pyramid. Funnels are about the customer, but the Pyramid is about YOU!


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