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Amazon Account Reinstatement

Amazon Selling Account Reinstatement 


Who better to ask for assistance than someone who has been trained and certified and employed by Amazon as an Account Health Specialist? I have helped thousands of Sellers just like you in reinstating their account from suspension or deactivation. I have the technical expertise and significant insight in maintaining the integrity and account health of Amazon Merchant Seller Accounts. I also worked in the technical support department and moved over to the risk management side of the Customer Trust & Loyalty division. In Amazon speak, this means that I am uniquely qualified to assist you with complex policy issues and restricted selling accounts. I have helped over six thousand selling accounts in three years.  Policies change, and are updated on a weekly basis. Would you like to have expert help with the most updated policy compliance issues, rather than paying outrageous fees to an attorney or agency that uses generalized and outdated plan of action templates? Every Seller is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all plan of action document you can just buy off of the internet. Let me help you compose a plan of action that is tailored to your specific ASIN product policy violation or account level reinstatement plan.


Helping you to Submit A Strong Plan of Action Appeal


I can show you how to submit a strongly written plan of action as part of a complete appeal packet. A Plan of Action usually consists of a clear and concise three section report that includes: your Root Cause of the issue, what Action Steps you took to make corrections, and a list of Future Preventative Measures that you will have put in place in order to mitigate those issues and avoid violations of policy. This is not the only ingredient in the recipe for a strong appeal packet. Your account or ASIN level appeal packet will include a written plan of action and the necessary supporting evidence such as valid documents and a verifiable supply chain. Let me help you put this appeal packet together and get it submitted and routed to the most appropriate appeal team at Amazon.


An Account Health Dashboard Focus


Most of my investigations at Amazon have involved reinstating accounts that are blocked or suspended due to a policy violation. I can help you with complex issues and navigate the Amazon internal systems. Trying to understand what seems to be a generic, non-helping performance notification? Amazon’s internal teams have proprietary investigative methodologies, so usually emails are generalized, and not specific. Are you trying to find out how to reinstate your amazon selling account? Do you have ASINs that are suspended or removed from the catalog? Look no further. I can help you holistically with your Order Defect Rate, Negative Feedback, A to Z Claims, Chargebacks, Late Shipment Rate, Cancel Rate, Valid Tracking Rate, and Product Policy Compliance.