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Website Color Scheme Chart

Colors can help make your website jump off the page and make a statement. Choosing a complimentary color scheme for your website can enhance your branding and beautify your site in the eyes of your audience. This page is a designer tool for matching color combinations that work together well. See how different color combinations work together on...

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28 October
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4 Stages in a Digital Marketing Plan

How do you bring an idea to life? Follow these four stages in your planning, and you will build a foundation that lasts. I help businesses grow by implementing and optimizing digital marketing systems in four critical areas: subsidize, socialize, monetize, and advertise. It’s my experience that there are four stages in every digital...

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01 March
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How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search Optimization

"OK Google" >>> People are spending more and more of the typical day talking to digital devices, rather than typing keywords into search engines. What can you do to stay ahead of the curve in the era of Alexa and Siri? There are a few early SEO tricks for voice search optimization,...

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20 August
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Digital Marketers and Live Streamers, Meet Twitch

Don't dismiss, not yet anyway. You might want to get onboard, depending on your digital marketing niche and your defined targeted audience. What is it? Twitch started as a place for video gamers to live stream their gameplay, but now it is quickly becoming more than just a niche network,...

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13 May