The Challenge

The Amazon Account Health Support Team is an internal team that helps Third-Party Merchant Sellers on the Amazon platform measure their success to keep their account healthy. The team acts as a liaison between tech support and the internal risk departments.

Having understood the learning gap between employees and the ever-evolving policies and procedures, I developed an intranet knowledge base for employees to have quick access and a better understanding of the standard operating procedures (SOPs), a bank of documents within a content management system.

Website skills, UX, and “information architecture”

Having developed many websites, with branding and UX in mind, I addressed what seemed to be an information overload, and simplified internal tasks by presenting the material in a more efficient manner. What was once a collection of word documents, pdf files, and power point slide shows, a more refined and compiled knowledge base was developed to provide efficiency for internal risk investigators.

This relief with desktop procedure improved real time communication with Sellers in that Account Health Support representatives were able to discover and utilize the encyclopedic information in order to assist Amazon Sellers with risk enforcement, appealing for account reinstatement, and following product policy compliance issues.

First, I created a wireframe which was tested with pilot teams and focus groups. Feedback was accumulated with team meetings and surveys. A collaborative approach was taken in order to include and address needs and desires from both senior representative and new hires alike.

This internal intranet job aid was successful with bringing the average Account Health Support reps job efficiency metrics up by a 20% increase in overall production.

With that success in mind, another project came to me in order to address launching a knowledge bank solution globally. With many locations across the globe, Account Health Support teams speak a multitude of languages. Having some limitations with the internal content management system, I created a wireframe layout for a landing page, which gave the Account Health team an intranet-like user experience. This added feature and function of the content management system’s landing page provided for and paved the way for the implementation of a global launch of the SOP knowledge bank, increasing overall utilization rates of the SOPs in upwards of 10% to 42% increase.

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