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Brand Consulting

Book An Appointment

Let’s outline a “digital audit” of your business marketing efforts. Together, we’ll make a customized digital marketing plan for your business. Contact me with your problem, concern or challenge. Tell me about your Brand: Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? What is your primary marketing goal? Where is your target audience? Do you have a digital content available? Can we look at your current site analytics? How do you measure success? Let’s determine which approach is right for you.

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Our first exploratory meeting

During this exploratory meeting, we will discuss in depth the challenges you face.  At the end of this meeting, we both agree whether it makes business sense to proceed further.

We present potential solutions

You will receive a solution document discussing and outlining how we plan on solving your challenges.

We agree upon project scope and milestones 

After reviewing and discussing the solution document, you confirm the services you wish to obtain and we agree upon the “rules of engagement.” Together, we will agree upon: A. Scope of work B. Definition of services C. Fees and payment structure


Upon acceptance, Taxi Digital Marketing will begin and complete the project as agreed. Typically, the implementation involves considerable interaction and communication throughout the campaign duration.

On-Going Support

After the implementation, together we determine the success and the go-forward approach. Taxi Digital Marketing considers a client as a client for life. Our goal is to develop a relationship that creates long-term and lasting success.


Level 1
A Ride Across Town
Give Your Small Business A Lift
You are a small business owner that wants to focus on your business at hand without worrying about managing your website, keeping it secure, and running all of your social media or digital advertising at the same time. A part-time digital marketing manager is just what you need.

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Level 2
Drive in the Fast Lane
When You Need to Get Going
Your company needs a 30/60/90 day digital marketing campaign initiative, and in order to save time and money, you need to outsource your digital services. This might include a website rebuild, or brand re-fresh. Since a more complex campaign is what you need, this is you’re package.

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Level 3
Take Me To The Airport
When you Have a Need For Speed
You have a need for speed, so this is the service level you’re looking for. You are a media buyer and you need to outsource some additional resources for the execution of your digital marketing budget. Leverage your KPI’s and execute to goals. This package is here because you’re looking for results.

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Complete Your Digital Campaign

No matter what size your company is, it’s important to have a responsive, mobile ready website and an active presence online. Drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and build an audience for your Brand. In the meantime, keep your site secure with security protection and regular backups. Let’s look at your online performance, analyze it, and consider a new approach.

Take the Tune-Up AUDIT now to find out where Taxi can take you.