Lets take a look at how a hotel chain might used Search Retargeting for brand awareness and to increase bookings. A hotel chain that is running a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign analyzes their campaign’s results and pulls together the top 75 performing keywords and keywords phrases. They then create an online advertising campaign and pixel made up of the same 75 items in the list. This means that users will only be shown a display advertisement or personalized dynamic ad if they have previously searched for one of the keywords or keyword phrases in the campaign’s keyword list.

End-user key words in their search define when and where ads will be served contextually on the landing page.

For instance, a person searching for “weekend hotel deals in Chicago” (lets assume that this keyword phase is in the campaign’s keyword list) has shown interest and intent and is now a qualified potential customer that will be shown a display advertisement on the client’s behalf.

A user visits a search engine and conducts a search. The search happens to be for a keyword that is included in the campaign’s keyword list. When the user is done searching they leave the search engine and surf around the Internet.

As they visit websites, they are a candidate to be shown a display advertisement for this campaign based on their previous search history.

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