Taxi Digital Marketing | Facebook Advertising
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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Consultation

We can develop a strategy plan for you to get more leads and close more deals for your business. Structured sales funnels and remarketing for better conversions. We can educate businesses and ad agencies with optimizing strategy on the Facebook family of platforms. We help small and large businesses & organizations promote their brand and meet marketing objectives by developing a plan for digital strategy.

A Targeted Campaign gets Results

Facebook Advertising Consulting for Optimization and new Ad unit adoption. Leave your most powerful marketing tool in the hands of experts and let us quickly scale your business. Need a creative one-off campaign? We'll deliver one that fans will talk about and you will see results. Do you need Training to get your head around how Facebook ads can help you drive sales? Get in touch!

"I've worked at Facebook in the Advertising department for many years. My job was to consult with businesses and agencies in setting up and optimizing campaigns on the Facebook platform. I have helped hundreds of satisfied clients with advertising budgets ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. I teach businesses and ad agencies how to be successful on the platform. Let me show you how to be successful with Facebook Ads" ~ Chip Souza

Pay the Fare to Get Started

Each package is billed on a subscription basis, which keeps your budget and project calendar running smoothly. Once we receive payment, we schedule your digital project to the calendar. A subscription payment is due and payable for the implementation of a month to month assignment.