Taxi Digital Marketing | Level 3: Take Me To The Airport
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Level 3: Take Me To The Airport

Level 3
90 day delivery
$Call for Quote
Take Me to the Airport
All-in-One Professional Package
With defined Key Performance Indicators, we can now attribute sales and conversions to the actions taken during your digital campaign.
A strong Brand message with the right positioning in the market may include strategic Public Relations as well as reaching out to other industry leaders, or influencers, in order to lift your Brand credibility and authority.
Your website content updates can extend to a more seasonal approach, beyond the 90 day mark. Quarter over quarter, your strategy should provide for a more strategic value add, and act as a continuing publication.
Tracking your site visitors, and customers that engage with your brand will allow for a re-marketing effort that is proven to provide for a stronger conversion rate and better results.
Future decisions can be made with better analytics. Knowing the best answers to marketing decisions can be realized by asking the right questions, using the right data.

You have a need for speed, so this is the service level you’re looking for. You are a media buyer and you need to outsource some additional resources for the execution of your digital marketing budget. This package is here because you require a fleet of taxi cabs to deliver results.




Business Goal matches with Marketing: Defined objectives and KPI's Attribution using analytics and offline campaigns
Social and Website Management: Defined Process for goals Proactive PR with social outreach to influencers
Value Added Content Planning: Monthly content plan with goals Longer term 90 day content plan
Paid Digital Campaigns: Targeted ads for awareness & traffic Remarketing for leads and conversions
Decisions made with Analytics: Benchmarking reach, lift, and rates Researching Analytics for evaluation
We use many digital tools in order to match your marketing objectives to your business goals. Taxi digital marketing

Watch this 7 minute mini-webinar explainer video to learn more!