Taxi Digital Marketing | A Ride Across Town
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A Ride Across Town

Monthly Plan
A Ride Across Town
All-in-One Standard Package
Give Your Small Business A Lift
All-in-One Package: WordPress Site Management, Pages & Post Content Updates, Social Media Management.
Manage WordPress on your Hosting Account* Theme upgrade or Setup - free or premium* Plugins - Package of 5 upgraded or configured. Page Creation - based on provided content. Blog Set up for your content marketing. Social Media Links - connecting visitors to your channels.
Your website content updates: add or change content, add a page or post to your website *per web property. Software Core Upgrades - reduce the risk of security issues. Theme Updates, Software Plugin Upgrades. Periodic Back-ups. Scan for broken links.
Your social media updates at least 1 a day, 5 days a week. Facebook Family of Platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. Branding, set-up, maintenance. Page Optimization. Monthly Reports of available analytics.
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Why Choose This Lift:

You are a small business owner that wants to focus on your business at hand without worrying about managing your website, keeping it secure, and running all of your social media or digital advertising at the same time. A part-time digital marketing manager is just what you need.




Business Goal matches with Marketing:No goals beyond 'just doing social media'Responsive Website & Social Media
Social and Website Management:No monitoring, little branding or engagementMonitoring of Brand, security management
Value Added Content Planning:Random Posts now & then Social hub for value content
Paid Digital Campaigns:Little paid advertisingExperimenting with advertising
Decisions made with Analytics:No measurements being doneChecking basic stats for growth and analytics