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Social Media

Maximize Your Online Presence


Stop driving in circles. You can’t get anywhere with out a map! You can now rely on Taxi Digital Marketing to execute your multi-channel/multi-platform social media funnel. I can take a look at your past social performance, analyze it, and consider new approaches – either brand-wide, or specific to a particular product, campaign or audience. After all, it’s not about your vanity, it’s about your Brand.


Building Your Brand


I can create, schedule, & publish content on your behalf. I will build your social media reputation through various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. I can customize a strategy to fit your digital marketing needs.

Your brand should be represented properly across the Social Media channels that are relevant to your potential audiences. I can customize your Social Media profiles & channels to match your branding & website or ecommerce store. Companies that have realized a plan for maximizing their social media are finding new customers and increasing loyalty. Companies that aren’t engaged with their customers via social media, are losing to the companies that have a strategy and are reaching out.


Complete Your Digital Campaign


No matter what size your company is, it’s important to have an active presence online, a digital campaign that drives traffic a builds a narrative, with a foundation of a responsive, mobile ready website where you can transact business. Drive traffic to your website or ecommerce store, generate leads, and build an audience for your Brand. In the meantime, keep your site secure with security protection and regular backups. Let’s look at your online performance, analyze it, and consider a new approach.