Don’t dismiss, not yet anyway. You might want to get onboard, depending on your digital marketing niche and your defined targeted audience.

What is it? Twitch started as a place for video gamers to live stream their gameplay, but now it is quickly becoming more than just a niche network, and that’s why larger Brands are taking notice and getting involved with content creation on the network.

More than a gamer network

First, consider that the audience is pretty large: 2.2 million broadcasters and about 100 million visitors per month. The largest users of the network are male between the ages of 18-49. Nearly half the users spend about 20 hours a week on Twitch.

Amazeballs. Even though video gamers are the meat and potatoes of the network, there are other niches that are coming on board: Foodies, crafters, musicians, and models are joining in the live stream camp and broadcasting their activities. To top it off, Twitch has begun to incentivize content creation with partnerships and affiliate programs.

Brands like Coke and Old Spice are even using the platform to test their content in real time, given that users can chat in groups, providing real time feedback.

If you’ve considered live streaming on familiar apps like Facebook, take a look at Twitch to open your doors to a wider audience.

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