What’s working and what’s not? Figuring out what is speaking to your Audience can help you leverage the best engaging pictures, headline and text, and ultimately the best performing Ad. Here’s how to test different elements of creative in your ad to get the best results.

testing facebook ad creative taxi digital marketingGet the most out of your ad creative with these best practices for:

  1. Images that win auction inventory
  2. Copy that gets users to interact
  3. Call-to-action that drives the response you want

Then tie it all together by A/B testing different variations to find which ad performs best, and scale it.

Tip #1:  Images for Winning Auction Inventory

Using images that grab people’s attention to ensure your ad will win inventory in the auction

Get your customers to interact with your ad through eye-catching images:

    • Keep it simple and focused
    • Use bright colors
    • Pay attention to angle and lighting
    • Include people when possible

Higher click-through rates on an ad improves an ad’s delivery in the auction; test the following:

      • Single vs. multiple products
      • Product A vs. Product B
      • Color:  Red vs. green
      • Angle:  Rotate 30%
      • Lighting:  Darker vs. brighter

Testing your Ad Creative on Facebook Ads with Taxi Digital Marketing screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-32-22-pm screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-32-37-pm screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-32-56-pm


test headlines and text in your Facebook Ads with Taxi Digital Marketing

Tip #2:  Copy to Gets Users to Interact

Highlight your business value in a concise way. Write engaging text that conveys your company’s benefit to the potential customer.

    • Tell people why your service or product is valuable and different from your competitors
    • Tailor the message to your audience’s interests
    • Keep it short; attention spans are short

Which message resonates:

    • Headline:  Benefit A vs. Benefit B
    • Text:  Feature A vs. Feature B

Tip #3:  Call-to-Action to Drive Desired Responsetest your Call to Action Facebook Ads Taxi Digital Marketing

Prompt your audience to take an action

  • Link description:  Keep it short, as if it were your company’s tagline
  • Call-to-action:  Pick the call-to-action to drive the response you want the customer to take

Find what gets your audience to act by testing:

    • Link description:  ask a question vs. suggest an action
    • Call-to-action:  Learn More vs. Shop Now


Tying It All Together: A/B Creative Testing

A/B testing Ad Units in Facebook taxidigitalmarketing.comA/B test your creative so you can identify which ad performs better and scale it

  • Compare two versions of an ad to identify which one performs better 
  • Test a single change at a time so you know what caused a performance difference:  image, headline, text, CTA
  • Set the same budget on the two ads being tested so traffic is spread more evenly
  • Choose the top performing ad, based on your objective
      • Define your key performance objective
        • Traffic growth:  “Cost Per Click”
        • Sales:  “Cost Per Conversion”
        • Awareness:  “Reach”

Base your decisions on your Data: Turn off the lower performing ad and increase budget on the higher performing ad to complete your A/B testing for the best Ad Creative.


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