Facebook is a big part of most modern marketing strategies, but leveraging the platform for cost-effective conversions can be elusive for many brands. The company is protective of its algorithmically generated News Feed, which serves roughly 1.5 billion monthly active users in ways only truly known to Facebook engineers. So, why not hire someone who actually works for Facebook in the Advertising department?

laptop2VAccessing this coveted digital real estate requires an intimate knowledge of content engagement: how, why, when, and what types of objects people interact with in their News Feeds, and how those ripples can carry your message far beyond the typical audience.

I work for Facebook in the Advertising department. My job in the Marketing Expert Program is to consult with businesses in setting up brand awareness and web traffic campaigns. I educate both businesses AND ad agencies. I have helped over 1,000 satisfied clients. I am certified and trained by Facebook. – Chip Souza, founder of Taxi Digital Marketing

Your Website Content Reaches Thousands

Your value added content on your website, in particular, is some of the most-engaged on the platform, both from users, brands, and via paid messaging.

Through constant optimization, trial-and-error, and experimentation with formats, social media marketers are constantly devising new tactics to cut through the Facebook noise and reach consumers in meaningful ways.

Taxi Digital Marketing offers a number of strategies, best practices and case studies for paid advertising and content marketing on the world’s largest and most powerful social network, as it relates to your industry.

We can also help you with strategy for Instagram

Instagram, (which was Facebook bought in 2012) has been extremely successful with certain demographics, while video is the critical trend of Facebook’s explosive native video growth.

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Taxi Digital Marketing has worked with a number of brands from several industries who are finding ways to shorten the long and winding conversion funnel that’s so common in social media marketing.

Using Facebook’s maturing analytics and tracking tools, these brands have reduced their spends, increased conversion and reach, and are rethinking what content marketing can be.

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