Your Ad Dollars running into a Brick Wall?

Ad Blocker apps are now among the highest ranking downloaded apps in the app stores. Ad blocking technology usage on desktop and mobile devices are in an explosive growth period. It’s easy to block ads on a website, all the teenagers are doing it.

Consumers are sick of obtrusive pop-ups and annoying flashy banner ads. Mobile users are quick to realize that their data is being used up by all those ads, so ad blockers become very desirable. It’s currently estimated that ads are “blocked” about 20% of the time. Those of you who are spending money on display advertising will not see your consumers clicking.

It’s been a consensus among large advertising publishing firms: consumers are not killing the message, they are killing the messenger. Advertisers have created a bad experience on the web, and the consumer is voting everybody off the island.

Imagine if all of your Ads are Blocked

It’s not a trend, it’s more like a brick wall. You will agree with the sentiment, but on the other hand, it’s bad for business. Well, not really: For businesses paying for display advertising and the like, this just may be a good time to innovate your strategy.

This is a time to rethink the way you reach your audience. This is a time for your creative departments to really grease the wheels. This is a time to overcome this disrupting technology of Ad Blockers.

It’s a call for more authentic branded content

Tell a Story

Bring your brand back to the basics of telling a good story. The smart advertisers recognize how you can emotionally connect to your audience with a good story: who you are and why you do what you do.

Content marketing again becomes king with your websites and social media. The more delightful of an experience your brand becomes, the more authoritative your brand becomes, the more relevant you become.

It’s about the Experience

Product placement can become ubiquitous to your consumer if your images are relevant to your audience, and not in-your-face. Creative and artful product placement puts your brand in front of your audience when targeted appropriately.

End-user viewability, usability and engagement become priority for advertisers, which is a 360 degree turn away from the in-your-face pop up display ad.

People don’t remember what you say, they remember how they feel after you said it.

Therefore, it’s the experience that comes into it’s own with digital marketing.

Social Media & Good Web Design can go beyond the Blocked Ad

Businesses that have realized a plan for maximizing their social media are finding new customers and increasing loyalty. Your website is NOT just a digital brochure. It needs to have good form, but it also functions as a lead generator.

Businesses that haven’t engaged with their customers via social media or through their website, are losing them to the companies that have built a strategy and are reaching out.

Repurpose your content to tell a story, inform, and entertain. This can be done with your website & through your social media platforms. This way, you can capture real time data of your connections with your audience, and create a longer lasting impression which drives brand sales & loyalty.

For digital strategy calls for your business, call me at Taxi Digital Marketing. What I do first is look at your digital footprint and match that up with your business goals. Then we take a look at what is going to move your business forward, and then we execute that plan as we move your business down the road. That’s why I use the analogy of the Taxi. Get it?

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