Take Me To the Airport - Taxi Digital Marketing
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Take Me To the Airport

Take Me To The Airport

Why Choose This Lift:

You have a need for speed, so this is the service level you’re looking for. You are a media buyer and you need to outsource some additional resources for the execution of your digital marketing budget. This package is here because you require a fleet of taxi cabs to deliver results.


Watch this 7 minute mini-webinar explainer video to learn more:





Business Goal matches with Marketing: Defined objectives and KPI's Attribution using analytics and offline campaigns
Social and Website Management: Defined Process for goals Proactive PR with social outreach to influencers
Value Added Content Planning: Monthly content plan with goals Longer term 90 day content plan
Paid Digital Campaigns: Targeted ads for awareness & traffic Remarketing for leads and conversions
Decisions made with Analytics: Benchmarking reach, lift, and rates Researching Analytics for evaluation