The differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing are obvious: one focuses on the web and the other focuses on media like print, television, radio, and direct mail.

When it comes to marketing—is digital really the new traditional?

In this infographic, let’s look at costs for a brief explanation as to why Digital Marketing wins against Traditional Advertising in terms of costs.

Let’s look at the costs:


So why are you still spending hundreds of dollars on that Sunday Newspaper ad?

As a digital marketing agency, it’s not hard to envy those traditional advertisers of the past, in the pre-digital age. While it wasn’t quite as straightforward as throwing money at a TV, radio and print campaign and leaving it at that, it was certainly a lot simpler than it is now.

Now we have more tools, more data, and more ability at our fingertips to tackle a media landscape that has become hyper-targeted. Inbound marketing is less about interrupting your target customer with some blaring billboard, or an annoying radio commercial.. it’s more about becoming the interesting thing that the consumer wants to learn more about.

The money a business funnels into this kind of marketing develops the scope, reach, and interactivity of your brand, making you well-known and well-known for being interesting and informative. And you’re not putting your ad dollars towards supporting the advertising industry. You are putting your dollars into your Brand.

taxi digital marketing brings you customers

If you’re skeptical of digital marketing, here are some reasons to learn more about it and let it work with your traditional marketing to get the best possible results.

Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is more cost-effective than advertising in traditional media like television, radio, print media and the Yellow Pages. A well-executed digital marketing strategy, for a reasonable monthly investment, gives your business the power to advertise effectively against larger competitors, reach a wider audience of qualified customers, generate new revenue, and get the data you need to accurately measure your return on investment (ROI).

Online is Measurable

It’s not easy to know how many people heard your radio spots or read your newspaper ad. But you can find out exactly how many times your digital marketing messages were displayed to local customers actively researching a purchase, how many times they were clicked, which web pages they visited after clicking, how long they looked around, and more.

This online marketing data makes it easy to measure your progress against your business goals, and quickly adapt your entire marketing strategy to take advantage of what’s working best.

With digital marketing, you can also learn things like peak days and times for visits to your website, and see how many conversions occurred (a visitor took an action you specified) signaling an intent to purchase from your business.

Digital Is Brand Development

A well-designed, regularly updated website with high quality content is one of the best local brand-building investments you can make. Today’s reality: even if you don’t sell online your business must be found online when a qualified local customer is researching a purchase.

When your website adds value by giving your target audience the information and answers they seek through a blog or other posted information, you can generate more leads and build a sense of trust with your local website visitors.

Call Taxi Digital Marketing to manage your monthly campaigns:

You’ll get maximum results when you couple a great website with a consistent monthly online marketing investment, strengthening your visibility with potential customers so they swing your doors and buy from you over the competition.


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