“I have a special affinity towards small business start-ups and executing digital projects with fresh ideas.”

Chip Von Gunten


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As an Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, I help clients establish an online presence and improve their digital branding and marketing strategies. This can include designing and developing websites, landing pages, making recommendations to improve online presence, and designing digital marketing campaigns. My goal is to assist you in achieving your business goals through effective online marketing strategies. I work with business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies and well known Brands to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies, track website traffic and KPIs, while adjusting strategies for improved performance.

How I Work

  • I like to deep dive into data to find a story.
  • I like to use that story to make things better.
  • I use a collaborative approach with project management.
  • I focus on creativity while exploiting innovation.
  • I like to provide value to make an impact.

Brands I’ve Marketed For

Organizations I’ve Worked With

 Developed a Standard Operations Procedure intranet dashboard and piloted the Account Health Assurance program

Advertising Account Manager for portfolio of key account cohorts with a six-week advertising training program

Designed and implemented a technical writing department and created a sales training program for the Online Education division

Created a subject matter expert encyclopedia intranet for the Corporate Card sales division and sales motivation program

Content creation for corporate newsletter, business development white paper, and internal revenue report improvements

Give your Brand a Lift and Drive Sales

Let's take a look at your business holistically and match your marketing objectives to your business needs.

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Utilizing a Unique Approach

Winner Seo Master

Match your Goals to Focused Marketing

Top Social Media Agencies

Branded Channel Broadcasting Strategy

Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

Value-Added Content Planning Development

Award National

Better Decisions with Better Analytics

Give your Brand a Lift to Drive Sales