“I have a special affinity towards small business start-ups and executing digital projects with fresh ideas.”

Chip Von Gunten | Taxi Digital Marketing

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About Me

I have over 20 years of experience with consulting companies on how to start up, grow, and improve their businesses.

I am focused on project management for branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce growth.

How I Work

  • I like to deep dive into data to find a story.
  • I like to use that story to make things better.
  • I use a collaborative approach with project management.
  • I focus on creativity while exploiting innovation.
  • I like to provide value to make an impact.

Give your Brand a Lift and Drive Sales

Let’s take a look at your business holistically and match your marketing objectives to your business needs.

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Utilizing a Unique Approach

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Give your Brand a Lift to Drive Sales