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Let’s whiteboard this stuff & make plans:

  • Outline your Challenges in-depth

  • Wireframe your Solutions

  • Determine a Scope of Work

  • Define of Services and Milestones

  • Establish Fees and payment structure

    What problem are you trying to solve?

    How are you currently matching your business goals to your marketing goals?2022-07-11T18:15:46+00:00

    Let’s take a look at your Brand and match your Marketing Objectives to your business needs. We can refresh your website into a more responsive site that can be easily navigated to enjoy your website on multiple devices. With defined Key Performance Indicators, we can attribute sales and conversions to the actions taken during your digital campaign.

    How are you managing your social platforms and branding?2022-07-11T18:22:28+00:00

    We can measure the analytics to help determine goal setting. A strong Brand message with the right positioning in the market may include strategic Public Relations as well as reaching out to other industry leaders, or influencers, in order to lift your Brand credibility and authority.

    What methods do you use to maintain your digital security?2022-07-11T18:21:10+00:00

    Bring your site up to date with Software Core Upgrades – reducing the risk of security issues. Modern Theme Updates, Software Plugin Upgrades. Periodic Backup scheduling, and scan for broken links. Protections against malware and firewall updates are a focus of website security. Password management with your social platforms is a must.

    Can we visit your past approaches with organic and paid digital advertising?2022-07-11T18:40:23+00:00

    Execute a digital advertising campaign that gets results. We can look at what worked and what didn’t work and why, and then Optimize your Advertising for the best results. Targeted digital advertising can reach new customers in new ways. Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement, and Driving Traffic to your Website can be three marketing objectives that can move your business forward. Tracking your site visitors, and customers that engage with your brand will allow for a re-marketing effort that is proven to provide for a stronger conversion rate and better results.

    How to you define success and what are your key performance indicators?2022-07-11T18:42:24+00:00

    Finally, let’s look at the numbers and determine which ones are important to your business. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Target Audiences defined. Measured Results can provide marketing intelligence when driving to benchmark key performance indicators while reducing your costs. Future decisions can be made with better analytics. Knowing the best answers to market decisions can be realized by asking the right questions, and using the right data.