The Challenge

It started with a coffee at a local networking meeting. I was just beginning as a web designer and passing out business cards at local meetups. There I met Bob, who was talking about his collective of non-profits who serviced the Anthem Arizona area around North Phoenix.

He explained to me that usually this loose group of non-profit organizations met together once a week to trade stories about those in need, who either come to them for assistance like: donations to help pay utility bills, clean up a senior citizen’s yard, paint a house, run errands for a veteran, and/or come together to help a family who’s home was destroyed by a fire.

Anthem is a small community just north of Phoenix known for its neighbors to be family and faith focused, and this association was a prime example. During those meetings, this collection of charity groups would divide up tasks between themselves in order to help families and individuals in need. At the time, it was all arranged over a lunch meeting or a casual coffee.

So I decided to volunteer my skills and time

I decided to offer my donation to the group in the form of a website, a portal that brought all the services together in one place. After further research, I found that the need for this tightly knit group of volunteer organizations were in three areas: how to bring awareness to the association, how to showcase each organization within the network, and to provide a portal for volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and of course a place where people could anonymously ask for help, or nominate those in need.

The Network of Anthem Area Assistance Providers was born online with a website and social media presence. As a result of having a stream-lined portal with greater awareness and engagement for Anthem and the surrounding communities in North Phoenix, many more families in need were supported, more volunteers provided more effort, time, and resources.

Although there were hundreds of families and individuals that were assisted with food, shelter, clothing, and services, one of the most heartwarming success stories was the successful fundraising of over six thousand dollars for the family of a police officer who lost his life serving the community of Anthem. A golf outing was arranged and not only served to raise funds to benefit the family, but also to celebrate his life among friends and neighbors.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Chip Von Gunten

Digital Business Consultant
Certified Driver

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